Summary of the Report of the PA Task Force on Child Pornography

Last Updated on September 8th, 2023 at 03:30 pm
Originally Published on February 23rd, 2023 at 06:14 pm
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Implications for Mitigation


What are the findings of the multi-year, state government-funded report of the PA Task Force on Child Pornography? And what are its recommendations?


In 2021 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed ACT 53 which established the Task Force on Child Pornography.

It directed the task force to “conduct a review to ascertain any inadequacies relating to the offense of child pornography in 18 PA CS 6312.

The report was finished and published in September of 2022.

What was the Focus of the Report of the PA Task Force on Child Pornography?

The report narrowed in on a number of issues related to CSAM offenses.

It reviewed the demographics of the individuals committing these crimes, assessed the newest research on recidivism, looked at SOAB assessments and surveyed law enforcement and prosecutors.

Who was included in the Report of the PA Task Force on Child Pornography?

Between 2014 and October of 2021, there were 2989 cases involving CSAM offenses with an average of 385 cases per year.

The majority of cases

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