What Risk Assessment Tools Can You Use for CSEM Cases?

Originally Published on March 12th, 2024 at 01:53 pm
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With the CSAM cases continuing to proliferate, the question for evaluators remains: What risk assessment measures can you use for these cases without co-occuring contact offending behaviors? There is currently only one risk assessment tool specifically designed for CSAM. It has limited use due to some issues with psychometrics and validity in all populations.


Authors Helmus et. al, sought to address with their submitted for publication in January of 2024. They provided their manuscript to ATSA members. This study reviewed all of the research to date on the following measures and assessed them in reference to their predictive accuracy with CSAM cases. The measures studied were:

  • Risk Matrix 2000/Sex
  • OASys Sexual Reoffending Predictor – Indecent Images
  • Static-99R
  • STABLE-2007
  • ACUTE- 2007
  • Post Conviction Risk Assessment (PCRA)
  • Level of Service Inventory- Ontario Revision (LSI-OR)

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