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Mitigation Aide was created in 2020 by Dr. Jennifer Weeks, director of Sexual Addiction Treatment Services, to provide criminal defense attorneys, public defenders, forensic mental health professionals, and mitigation specialists with executive summaries of the latest research about:

  • Addiction and its relation to criminal offenses
  • Recidivism rates of different categories of offenders
  • Risk Assessments
  • Many other factors that could aggravate or mitigate sentencing, or complicate treatment

Dr. Weeks has been working with clients involved in the criminal justice system for over 15 years. Throughout this time she’s seen how the understanding of mental health issues can play an integral role in each step of the criminal justice system. Whether your client is currently in the pretrial process, sentencing, parole/probation, or has been discharged and is seeking ongoing treatment the information contained in these executive summaries is valuable and can shed light on the thought processes that caused the offending behavior.

Save yourself the tedious task of culling and reading long, dry research articles related to your client’s crimes with this valuable tool created by a caring, compassionate mental health professional. Still unsure of it’s value? Sign up today and get a one month free evaluation period.

Looking for more hands on services?

Dr. Weeks also provides sentence mitigation reports, psychosexual evaluations, expert testimony, and treatment for pre- and post-trial persons, with a specialty in cybersex and incest crimes. Psychosexual evaluations are available only for individuals located in the state of Pennsylvania. Contact Dr. Weeks through her practice today.

Are you an individual looking for treatment or information on a broader range of topics?

Dr. Weeks can be contacted for treatment services through her practice site. She has a wealth of information available on her personal blog.