Should the CPORT Be Used for CSAM Risk Assessment?

Originally Published on August 7th, 2023 at 05:21 pm
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Analysis of a meta-study trying to validate the forensic use of the Child Pornography Offender Risk Tool (CPORT) for actuarial CSAM risk assessment.


Those in the field know the criminal justice system prefers to have an actuarial risk assessment measure to aide in decisions for sentencing, treatment needs, etc.

There are long standing and validated risk assessment measures for contact sexual offenses. However, there are no validated risk assessment measures for non-contact, Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM) offenders.

CPORT and Risk Assessment

The CPORT was created several years ago by Dr. Michael Seto and colleagues. However, this measure is not without its difficulties. The authors note in the manual that it should not be used as a risk assessment measure.

Despite this statement, many evaluators are using the CPORT as a risk assessment tool.

The Study

An article published this year (2023)

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